Friday, August 5, 2016

Sixteen Precious Words

On July 24th, 2016, I got a chance to test-drive a TED talk idea while leading a summer "discussion service" at a church in Queens, NY.  It's a bold, probably crazy idea: "Science Could Unite the World's Religions." It was a lively discussion, with about 25 people.

There was one young woman whose body language said "actively engaged" but who didn't say much. It turns out she was only there because a church member is experimenting with using to promote their summer discussions. Visiting from India, this young woman saw an interesting-looking meetup, so she came.

Anyhow, when she finally did speak, she said only sixteen words, sixteen precious words that distilled all of my Seven Candles work of the last four years into a single sentence. Those sixteen words are so good, and so concise, I made a graphic to illustrate them. Please share, so her wisdom reaches a wide audience. [It is my joy to be one of the translators!]  jd

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