Sunday, September 12, 2010

There Is No Such Thing As Teaching

There is no such thing as teaching.

There is learning.

There is mentoring.

Without learners pulling in the threads of knowledge

no amount of pushing those threads

can transport knowledge,

can manufacture learning;

The teacher's planning is irrelevant.

The teacher's skill is irrelevant.

The teacher's attitude is irrelevant.

The teacher is irrelevant.

The learner is all.

Do not attempt to teach.

Await a learner to mentor.


  1. JD this is precisely my own view on teaching and as i am about to get a degree in environmental education i find it extremely gratifying to hear these sentiments from one who i see as a mentor of the highest regard.

    much love to you,
    a learner
    and a perspective mentor

  2. Since posting this, I thought of one exception. There is one kind of knowledge one can force into the mind of another, knowledge of the depth of human evil. Terror can be taught, and no one sets out to learn it.